Dijon, France: Les Caves à Jules

I came across this gem while I was looking for somewhere to eat, the day I arrived in Dijon to do a week’s work in the archives. I ended up going back almost every day, either for lunch or dinner. It’s on a narrow street off one of Dijon’s main shopping streets (rue du Bourg), and easy to miss. The wines are mainly from Burgundy, and there’s a good range by the glass (see the somewhat smudged blackboard pictured), and many more by the bottle. The menu is varied (try the oeufs en meurette prepared with Époissses cheese) and well-priced. If you’re there only for a glass of wine, it comes with a generous plate of cheese, ham, and potatoes. 

Les Caves à Jules, 2 rue Neuve Dauphiné, Dijon. Tel: (03) 80 49 94 84